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Team Fundraising

made EASY

(and you'll look good doing it!)

Streamline custom apparel for your team and raise money at the same time without the additional hassle of a traditional fundraiser!  Mom Swag makes it easy to address the two most reoccurring wants we hear from travel teams - an easy way to create a streamlined, cohesive team image and raising money (without much effort) to cover new equipment for practice and / or registration fees for another tournament.

Little League Baseball Game

The Process

Step 1. Let us know you’re in and we’ll get your teams custom tee mock-ups created

Step 2. Once you’ve approved your custom mock-ups, we’ll get started on your custom team fundraising page

Step 3. Share and Shop! Share your teams custom fundraising page with your team, your neighbor and whoever else might want to support

Step 4. At the end of your campaign, we’ll send you 25% of the total revenue earned for your campaign

Take a Look

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Request Info

Request Fundraiser Info

We promise, it's easy!


Your fundraiser info is on it's way!

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