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About Us

We are 3 Moms who spend most of our time sitting on a sports field or court! Softball, baseball, soccer, basketball, football, tennis, you name it, we have been there. We are there for the home runs, the strike outs, the big plays, the not so big plays, rain, or shine, hot or cold, win or lose, we are their biggest fans! We pack up those wagons every weekend, load them down like we are never coming back, and return exhausted to do it all over again. We would not trade it for the world! However, if we are going to live in their sports world, we want to look, and feel good doing it! It is our mission to make sure all our fellow sports’ Mama’s out there look and feel their best also. We are a business for women, by women. For women who watch sports, for those that play sports and even for those who just like to tailgate. If you are in the Atlanta area, or the Palm Beach area, you may see us at your next event. Look for our hot pink tents! If you see us, we would love for you to say hi!                  

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